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byhknhkn, March 21, 2012
This extention is the best (from non-commercial extentions) for visitor stats, as I have tried all of them. Deployment and stats obtained is excellent, BUT the biggest problem is that the stats keep building up and the database becomes very large after a while (depending on the number of visitiors you have), then it slows down the whole site, there is no way to empty stats from backend (option there but it doesn't work!) from database, and if you take the drastic approach of uninstalling, it appears to have uninstalled really fast, but all the tables remain in the database, and you have to delete each table one by one manually! Not worth installing if it makes your website so slow, you lose visitors. One of the high traffic website I installed on, stopped working after the database size went over 100mb.
Owner's reply


you should report errors to us directly, if something is not working for you before posting messages hear.

There is a drop old data functionality within the maintenance area as well as a "Uninstall" button, which also deletes all j4age tables.

The performance should be not effected as long as you do not show statistics data on your public webpage. If you do so, then you have to carefully use the module parameters e.g. enabling caching. You need to decide how far backwards you like to present data => more days => more performance lost.

Some people can do just few days other can show the whole year and more.

As Administrator you need to keep an eye on the database size and drop too old data as you need. So look into the DB at least every year once - this is not a tool for unprofessionals, even if we try to make it as easy as possible.