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byholdencreative, July 16, 2009
BIGSHOT Google Analytics
A simple, well-made and easy-to-use extension for adding Google Analytics to Joomla.
byholdencreative, July 16, 2009
JoomListings is a good BETA release extension. I don't recommend it if you are a beginner -level Joomla! administrator or user - but it has some nice features.

Foremost, JoomListings has the benefit of being more 'simple & clear' than some of the other classified extensions. The categorization of different adverts is simple and intuitive - a definite plus for most web site visitors.

On the other hand, there is still a lot of development to be done - fair enough, I think given the low cost and beta status. There are bugs, and while the support from JL is excellent, they are going to be around until a release candidate arrives.

We customized JoomListings for a JomSocial installation - and while some of the coding was challenging, I can't really fault the software - which isn't truly intended for production sites at this point.

Recommended, provided you have some development and programming experience.
byholdencreative, July 16, 2009
XIPT for JomSocial
The ProfileTypes extension adds a great deal of functionality to JomSocial - and the programming, configuration options and interface are all relative elegant for an affordable plugin.

While there is very little documentation available (which can lead to some mistakes by administrators) the Joomlaxi support is very responsive and updates come out frequently.
byholdencreative, February 19, 2009
Google Maps by Reumer
I was happily surprised by the reliability and flexibility of this Google Maps plugin.

The developer has clearly spent time thinking through the different challenges and situations associated with adding maps to web sites.

For example - I needed a map plugin that would work with multiple domains - and the plugin parameters support this feature.

Additionally, the ability in the parameters to specify many attributes - even lightbox style links attributes - is a welcome feature not as commonly found in other Joomla! mapping bots.

Highly Recommended!
byholdencreative, December 30, 2007
Be Involved!
Great module - use it! Not too hard to customize.

Note : Watch out for Conflicts : IE wouldn't display transparency of the corner image on my site, due to a conflict with other Java on the page. If that is the case, you may be off better just adding your banner into the template.

Example Solution:

Add to the top of the body in the Template:

and then add this to your CSS :

span#corner {
position: absolute;
right: 0px;
top: 0px;
z-index: 90;
width: 100px;
height: 105px;
background: url(../images/corner.png) 0 0 no-repeat !important;
background: transparent;
byholdencreative, September 17, 2007
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I have mixed feelings about this component. One one hand, creating galleries and uploading images is easy-to-do, and supplemented by the ability to do batch (zipped multiple image) uploads.

On the other hand, my RSGallery versions never seemed to align well in the general category display, and better inline documentation for the numerous display options would have been helpful.

There's also the question of display. Some of the newer Joomla Extensions allow for a nice automatic display of all images in a folder, in a content item - eliminating the need for file-uploading, labelling, etc.

However, if your goal is to have more interactivity (comments, ratings and other features) RSGallery2 accomplishes this well.

Pretty good component - just make sure you are using the right one.
byholdencreative, September 17, 2007
This seems to be the best (and only?) component currently available for Joomla! that tackles all the common categories of a project-management-system.

Whether or not it can ultimately be useful is a different question. Most of the project-management-systems out there have the same problem - accessibility and ease-of-use of non-techie members/employees.

So although the features in the project are well-crafted, it's worth considering that accessing them requires a few clicks within Joomla.

Great for collaborative project work in small groups, but there may be some issues for larger organizations. Worth trying out, definitely.
byholdencreative, September 17, 2007
JCal Pro
I was sad to the see ExtCalendar turn into the subscription-based JCal Pro - but in fairness - JCal Pro is very well-developed, and they aren't asking for much (currently $5).

The Calendar has a nice 'category' system and modules for listing events, and is great and easy-to-use for basic non-techie site administrators.

Good Calender - a couple more visual styles would be useful though, as it has a default design that will not work for all sites.
byholdencreative, September 17, 2007
Even for non-techies using a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editor, things can be confusing.

Not so with JCE : It's a great editor, with easily-identifiable tool bar buttons, step-by-step options for adding links & many more user-friendly features.

I've been editing Mambo / Joomla for years - JCE is the best editor out there by far - and my clients can use it.

Both the free and commercial versions are great and well-worth checking out.