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byholdsworthdesign, April 2, 2012
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Easy to setup and install and use. I ran into a jquery conflict since I was already loading jquery for other functionality. Went to the forum for support and got fast response with updated extension for install. Other commercial extension providers could learn from that example. If you pay for an extension, you expect support. Thanks guys!
byholdsworthdesign, August 26, 2011
Xpert Scroller
I've been looking for a module that can do this for a long time and the other ones I tried all had buggy layouts or were way too over complicated for the simplicity of what is needed. This module worked perfectly right out of the box and took little time to configure with straight-forward parameters. Well done!
byholdsworthdesign, August 3, 2011
Lof SlidingCaption
Parameters for this component were not working right out of the box. Radio buttons I selected would not stay selected after I saved them. I sought support from the developer, which for a commercial component should be prompt, and have been completely ignored. Followed up twice... still ignored. Save your money.
byholdsworthdesign, May 27, 2011
This is the second and last extension I've purchased from this developer. I set it up on my server and attempted to index. It would partially complete the process and then sputter and not get all the PDFs (only 200 and change). Of the ones it did index, it did not actually index the content just the file name... so searching doesn't work at all. Tried to get support from the developer through the support ticket system and over a week later... no response after several follow ups on my side, still no response. Similar support experience with the other extension.
byholdsworthdesign, May 31, 2010
I usually seek to avoid commercial extensions because Joomla is an open source system and I don't mind having to take the time to figure things out on my own. I don't mind paying for an extension if it's good and the developer is willing to support it. In this case, the developer does not seem to be willing to support it whatsoever. I've setup this extension fine, but it does not integrate smoothly with Community Builder so I submitted a ticket for support. I didn't receive my first reply for a week. Suddenly, the ticket was closed and ignored. I submitted a second ticket. Checked it a couple days later. Closed and ignored. I submitted a third ticket... closed and ignored. My recommendation, do not buy any extensions from this developer!
Owner's reply

Dear holdsworthdesign,
I checked up your tickets. I see there was some issue.. But all your tickets seem to be holding on "Requires Feedback" . So some input from you in needed on them. There was some issue in the ticket system after we upgraded it due to which a ticket was closed. But none of the other tickets were closed they were replied to changing their status to "Requires Feedback". If you login & see you should see them.