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After having severe troubles installing the component due to suhosin patch problems it turned out that the design of the frontend perfectly integrates into the template I am using and also creating events and venues is very very easy (important for the average frontend-user who do not want to deal with too many options). The modul-injector idea and the map integration is outstanding!
The support could successfully assist me with another two quarrels I had so for that part, I should give 5 stars.
In the end, I only distribute 4 of them, because I want the ohanah guys to get even more out of this high potential component. (Layout adjustments e.g. in filter module not easy to handle for average joomla admins like me. Or providing installation abortion routine if server is not correctly configured)
byholidaybavaria, March 18, 2012
After having invested non-successful hours into joomla 1.5.25 onboard sef and mod_rewrite I decided to give sh404sef a try. Should have done it earlier. Installing, re-upload htaccess file and activating the component took me less than 3 minutes and everything turned out to run perfect instantly. No more hassle with sef-links (100 % success. Before installing sh404sef the quota was 90 % - no idea why ...), easy to handle 404-errors and additionally google analytics intergration a cakewalk. Give your homepage a real boost and install that great component! Thank you Victor
Art Sexy Lightbox
I was looking for a gallery solution for our hotel homepage relaunch and was going through all those huge components (which really are working great). I wanted to bring together flickr photostreams and local images with having full control of my folder structure on my page, so in the end, I decided to pay 20$ to get this plugin which is really a great piece of work! It is slim, very nice looking at and tremendously flexible as long as you have time enough to dig into its capabilities. Therefore I very kindly pledge to have one site, where all (I mean ALL - on the demo page you can see MANY of them.) parameters and its values are brought together.
But as long as the support team is patient, quick and friendly in such an exemplary manner, I will not hesitate to contact them anytime.
Product: 5*
Support: 5*
Docu: surely 5* soon ;-)