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byhoneybear, September 27, 2012
Mini K2
Wow, I had been looking for ages for this sort of module and I found it, and it's free too. Despite it's humble name, it's the best sort of module of its kind. You can vary the appearance of it, and it shows thumbnails. The styling is very nice too-I don't have to change it. I can show it vertically, horizontally as a ticker, a portfolio or as simple vertical module displaying in the sidebars etc. Highly versatile. Wonderful and very easy to use. You can vary the size of the thumbnails. You can make it to show latest, most popular, etc. Thank you developers, it's a gem!
byhoneybear, September 26, 2012
Magic Price Table
I bought this extension because of the reviews and the demo. However, when I tried it out, the end result looks nothing like the demo. There is no zebra effect and you cannot choose white for the background of the rows. You cannot choose a different color for the text because it doesn't use any known code for text color, they use their own. The documentation is terrible. It doesn't tell you how to get a striped zebra effect as in the demo. Nor does it give you the option of white for the background. It doesn't tell you what code to choose to change text color. As a result my table looked like rubbish, and I was better off using the Joomla template's native table features. It was a waste of money. DON'T BUY THIS. I use Joomla 2.5 by the way.
Owner's reply

We do not understand why you wrote this negative review (this review was sent prior his support questions).
After we reinstalled the module on your site (because you've not installed correctly), after more than 45 minutes, during which we worked free for you, after three emails sent to you, we believe this is not the correct way to thank us.
This is the last email sent:
"Hello KIM,
We arranged the module, as in our demo!
Please use this "Image Path" for:
Canceled: modules/mod_mpt/icons/cancel.swf (size: W23, H23)
Check: modules/mod_mpt/icons/check.swf (size: W23, H23)
Sign Up: modules/mod_mpt/icons/sign_up.swf (size: W138, H33)
Purchase: modules/mod_mpt/icons/purchase.swf (size: W138, H33)
Please note: For the image to be displayed correctly you need to set Image Width & Image Height.
If you want another image instead of Sign Up or Purchase (example: Order Now), you need to create and upload an image or an swf on your server and write the correct path.
For change a color (text or row) please use color picker!"
You have to be either malicious to write such a review. In fact, this review is a rant, not a honest point of view.