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byhoorahrotten, April 24, 2012
Have been using Xmap for several years now and didn't like it that much at first, then I learned how to use it. Now the XML and HTML sitemaps are looking better and simpler to setup.

Easy to make and submit a XML sitemap for Google, Yahoo & Bing for SEO. Best plugin of this type!
byhoorahrotten, April 24, 2012
Flexi Custom Code
Simply the best and easy way to add custom HTML or PHP code to your Website. Probably useful for more types of code, but HTML and PHP is all I need it for now.

Install and start making modules with new code as simple!
byhoorahrotten, April 24, 2012
Have been using this extension for years on all my Joomla sites because it is easy to use. Has everything, captcha, required fields, multiple forms, any kind of input, email templates and it is code compliant!

By far the best in my book.
byhoorahrotten, October 26, 2011
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Admin Tools
This is just what Joomla needed! Awesome one click upgrade of core and add on's! No more going through each Website and manually upgrading the site' core and what ever add on's are installed in the site.

My hats off to Nicholas K. Dionysopoulos!! Keep it up brother!
byhoorahrotten, October 26, 2011
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So far this plugin looks pretty good, but I have a major problem with it. When I make a page to display the Classifieds, it FAILS the W3C code check with over 140 Errors and about the same Warnings. WAY to many.

The HTML code it outputs is very bad in my opinion. Which by all the major Search Engines say that can/will bring down the SERPS for that
Website. In turn I would have to do major core hacks to make the output code Validate with the W3C to feel happy using this plugin.

If the Pro version has poor HTML output also, I wouldn't waste my money for it.

If this is a fluke then my bad, if not I would rather go with something like Noah's Classifieds instead.