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byhorta, May 28, 2012
Great extension, better support! Totally recommend it! (now i'm glad joomfish for j2.5.x is delayed)
byhorta, May 23, 2012
Realtyna RPL
... but not excellent!!!
- no support for RPL to Falang (and joomfish for J2.x is not ready)
- Falang creator have developed a plugin to RLP but language switcher is not compatible (so.. no language switcher)
- not compatible with any SEF extension (so you can not translate URL, and other...) and that is very very important for SEO
- to expensive (but if you have at least 1000€ to spend, then you are ok)
- every single customization you must do it your self or you will be charged or directed to RPL manual
- assistance is not bad, they indeed respond in 48 hours but they are not friendly (sorry but that is the true!) and they will probably direct you to manual

Spite all of that that, CSS is ok (questionable), functionalities are great... probably the best realty component i haver used but my next choice, for sure, will not be RPL.. price and assistance are mandatory
Owner's reply

Thank you for your feedback.

- Multi Language Support

RPL has full multi-language support by Joomfish.

We have never claimed that our extension is compatible with Falang. We clearly mentioned in our website that RPL is compatible with JoomFish and unfortunately it's not available for Joomla 2.5 . We think it's not fair to blame us for this.

Anyway, as non-official statement, we have added the function for Falang Pro version for Joomla 2.5 which is not released yet.

- SEF: RPL have a full support for SEF by it's own engine

SEF extensions seems to be necessary for Joomla 1.0.x and 1.5.x and since Joomla 2.5.x have a full support for SEF, 90% of Joomla users are using Joomla default SEF for their websites which RPL fully supports from the very beginning versions.
In addition property pages generated by RPL, need a different type of SEF management that is taken care of by RPL itself.

- Price:

We do not agree that our solution price is high compared to the quality service and products that we offer. By browsing our website everybody can realize the amount of effort we do in providing ALL the necessary features for Real Estate market. In addition we provide one-to-one support that is very costly for us but very convenient for our clients.

- Customizations:

Of course you cannot find any developer to customize a solution free of charge, unless someone decide to do it as a charity.

As you mentioned there are 2 ways to customize a solution: 1- Paying for the customization 2- Customizing it on your end by using our SDK and manual. Since RPL has complete user manuals and knowledge base articles, developers and webmasters can easily customize RPL for their requirements and many of web developers have done that. Especially design-wise, you can see many websites on our showcase menu that is customized by the web developers.

- Client Relationship:
We have very effective methods for communicating with our clients. As a proof, you can refer to all the feedbacks of some of our previous clients, praising our support.
It is possible that due to language barrier, our non-English speaking clients misunderstand or misinterpret our communications.

Anyway we always try to improve our methods and services. Thank you for your suggestion.

We will release an update to support Falang as you suggested.