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byhorus, April 5, 2011
That thing is doing great job. As many others have sed before me, it index many documents, and very fast. And they just become searchable in your site. It is simpe but fundamental for any site, that work with pdf files. Also i used it with another great extension- DOCman, the nice thing here is that PDFindexer implement himself with DOCman search, that is nice, because you will not have any problmes with accses level of diffrent groups in the search reviews!
byhorus, July 8, 2010
1. Kunena is realy free. There is no bug code and "pay for comesial version".
2. Kunena has a geat support, even that it is free.
3. Kunena has all the tools, needed for a woking forum.
4. Kunena works fine, whit no problems at all.
5. Kunena is easy to install
6. I will stop here, but there is uncountable excellent comments about Kunena.
7. Download it, install it, and you will not regret for it!