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byhoufton, January 8, 2014
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I have been using this plugin for two years and had a problem when migrating from Joomla! 1.5 to Joomla! 3. It turns out it was due not actually due to the plugin but the developer fixed it for me extremely quickly anyway.
byhoufton, November 11, 2011
Simple File Upload
This is potentially a great, simple, free module but, for me it has a couple of flaws. The first, that it resizes images up if they are too small, I was able to correct. The second, that it does not replace spaces in filenames on upload, means that it does not work with my slideshow - which replaces them with "%20" and breaks the link.
My understanding is that it is now standard practice to use dashes or underscores in filenames to avoid these problems but I cannot rely on people uploading to do so.
I spent quite a while trying to hack the code to get it to work (I did succeed with some other modifications so I can't be a complete idiot!) but was not able to replace the spaces without breaking the text file writing part of the script.
I asked the developer but he was not able to do it.
Owner's reply

Hi, so sorry that you are not satisfied with the work I've done. I have released my Extensions as GPL free for all to grab, use and change as they like.

I try to help out with modifications the best I can but I do have a day-time job and do this at my spear-time why I simply don't have time to help all users asking for modifications.
I tried to help you out and sent several e-mails pointing out where to alter the code. Study PHP a bit more and then give it another go...

Next time when you rate something, please do so on the functions included, not according to what YOU want to have included... :(