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byhowbya, December 1, 2010
Works great! Quick, easy setup.

I installed with bigo captcha plugin since recaptcha is almost illegible.

Only issue is when an incorrect captcha is entered the data for the subject line is lost. All other fields including message body remain populated which is nice.
I wanted a quick way to get meta content on a site that has a very low budget. This does the trick.

At first it used the same keywords for every page as it was grabbing the text from an article in a module and stopping there (a bug?). My q&d fix was to edit metagenerator.php to strip the first 50 chars of $thecontent so it skips over the troublesome text (line 126: $thecontent = substr($thecontent, 49);). I know there's a better way to do it but this method took less time than writing this review.

Owner's reply

It seems you are not using last version. First, Metagenerator dosen't use sbstr() anymore, it uses joomla JString::substr for utf-8 support. Also what you are doing stripping the text is an option in last version.
Thank you very much for your review!!

byhowbya, April 1, 2010
Shortly after installation and uploading a a couple photos into a folder, my site was partially broken. After a bit of stress and debugging I found the images I uploaded were too big. There seems to be a limit of around 400KB for photo size. That's plenty big, so no complaint there. But if anyone runs into the same issue the quick fix is a simple resize/compress the photo.

Awesome Plugin, exactly what I needed!
Owner's reply

The limit is system-dependent and is affected by PHP configuration. Future versions will exhibit a more user-friendly behavior should a memory limit problem arise.