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byhozefasmile2007, June 30, 2012
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5 star + 1 star more from my side.

This extension really do its work perfectly! And there customer support is also excellent! (the one additional star is for that:) )

A suggestion from my end is to also add netlog login in your list and create friend suggestion module also in which if people choose and login to their account they can select there friend list to send invitation to join to the site!
Thanks a lot for this gems in joomla's extension directory
byhozefasmile2007, June 20, 2012
Browser Update Warning
This is the only available plugin I think for the latest version of joomla to show browser update warning.

There is just a small issue that the css not better work with older browser like ie6 to show warning, as we know this plugin work is to warn people that they are using old browser so the warning must look better and at place in older browsers.
And I haven't found the file to do modification in css or main file of the plugin? where it get installed I am not able to see it in plugin system folder?
Overall its working fine and able to show all the download options and continue if people want.
Owner's reply

The plugin css file can be found in /media/plg_system_browserupdatewarning/css/BrowserUpdateWarning.css

I wouldn't suggest editing that file though, as your changes would be lost if you installed a new version. I would suggest, however, that you copy the contents of that file into your template css file and make changes there. Then you can just turn the plugin css off in configuration.

I will do more testing for older browsers.