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byhp3kman, May 12, 2007
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This component is exactly what I was looking for...being in need of an app to manage online donations and membership mailing for a small non-profit orchestra.

The functionality, though quite complex to set up properly, seems to be top-notch (having demo'd several other NP fundraising systems which weren't web-based).

HOWEVER, IMHO, this should NOT have been created as a component, but as a stand-alone w/ a bridge. The installation is a NIGHTMARE - I've been working a solid week and still can't get it to install w/o hiring a professional (which I shouldn't have to do for a component). It did, however, install flawlessly on my local JSAS - and I didn't even bother to check memory limits, execution times, MySQL versions, or anything. GO FIGURE.

I'm torn about my rating, but given the choices listed, I had no option but to rate it below average.

Sorry, guys at's just WAY over the heads of 90% of the people who use Joomla...the whole point of components is to add functionality w/o a lot of fuss.