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byhpss, November 22, 2011
HTML 2 Articles
I used this product to transfer some 1000 pages from a HTML website, and it saved me many many hours. The author was very supportive and came up with a new version that included all features from my wishlist. So my rating of this product and its author is just one word: perfect.
byhpss, June 22, 2010
KC Cufón Font Replacement
I could never imagine that special fonts can be used on websites that easy. It can be a little tricky to set all parameters correctly but the result is well worth the effort. I consider it a really great feature that you can rely on a proper display of the website content even if Javascript is disabled. Just make sure that your website looks fine without the extra fonts. My only suggestion would be to make the manual a little more comprehensive.
byhpss, May 6, 2010
Cool extension. You surely can do any imaginable replacement task. There are tooltips all around but some of the many options are not completely self-explaining. Anyway: it's real fun to play around with this extension, and it works for me perfectly.
Owner's reply

If you don't understand certain options, please don't hesitate to ask me. If you think there should be changes to descriptions (tooltips), also let me know. Any change to make things clearer / better is welcome :)

byhpss, August 28, 2009
Great extension for customizing a website. Lots of options, but easy to configure. I like it!
byhpss, June 23, 2009
This extension comes as easy as it should be for "plug and play" use. It provides the basic features you need with no load of confusing extras. I like it!

Users should keep in mind that the uploaded files can be accessed if you know (or guess) the path and filename, so I suggest to use htaccess protection.