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byhsojhsoj, June 26, 2013
I tried almost all the free popups in this category and this is the first one that worked.
byhsojhsoj, June 12, 2013
SCLogin Enhanced Login
The module pulled the style from my template and worked. I was able to override a small change to the horizontal layout in php and was using it within minutes. There is not a front end powered by link back to the author and it is free as in beer, what else could you want?
byhsojhsoj, August 23, 2011
This is so much for than a form system. Do expect to spend a day playing with this before creating anything of value, however. The tutorials are good but the learning cure is still steep. I thought the best feature of this system was going to be the price but it was the function.
byhsojhsoj, August 23, 2011
Template Selector
The module works on my joomla 1.7 site even though that compatibility is not presented here on the JED. Do not forget to enable the plugin though:).