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byhtechb, September 19, 2008
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RD-Autos Single Dealer
-Does what it says! no extra bits you dont need.
-Already has hundreds of makes included so dont have to worry about that
-So easy to customize, the user community is pretty much able to fix problems and bugs themselves!

Image preiews are skew if the have different aspect ratio.
>>I would suggest reducing height and width proportionaly.

Menu linking to categories doesnt work out of the box
>>A patch has already been creted by a user but this should already be included into the original installation

Non English number system
>>I would suggest settings in the configuration page instead of users having to mess around the PHP files

English language files have lots of errors
>>Again the user community have already created better ones THEY NEED TO BE INCLUDED!

Uploading images is not as straight forward as it should be.
>>I suggest looking at the code behind the joomla banner component to see how it could be done better.

No modules, for a component that really needs them
>> Currently developing my own set for myself.

Conclusion: Very very nice! Solid and simple. needs presetation fixes here and there.