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Camera Slideshow
I have been looking for a image slide module and spent nearly $100 on other modules that either did not do what they said they did or had virtually no support whatsoever. The folks at Infyways had a chat window on their site. I had some very specific issues that I wanted addressed. They spend more than an hour with me even before I purchased this module. I wanted to make sure it worked in IE8,9 and 10 and would work with my responsive layout.

I can not say enough about this kind of support. Very rare these days. I have no problem telling you that your purchase will be supported and will work.
byhtown, July 10, 2012
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Event Booking
I have used a few of these type of Event extensions, EventList, RSEvents, and Event Booking. They all have their pros and cons but for me, online support is paramount. However, I have to say that all three developers could find themselves typing much less if they would spend the time creating better documentation. Unless you are just using the very basics of these extensions, you will be spending a lot of time in the forums or creating support tickets. It seems to me that a few weeks spent on creating some good documentation could save these guys countless hours of support time. having a quick start or getting started section is hardly an excuse for DOCUMENTATION to these robust extensions.

Although this is not the place for an in depth review of all three, I will say that no matter which one you choose, unless you are just using it with its default settings, be prepared to spend some time creating support tickets to get your answers instead of saving days of time being able to read in depth documentation.
byhtown, January 8, 2012
WordPress Posts
I would have given this module a Excellent rating but i could not get it to keep the formatting of the original WP post. Even though I told it to all tags, they seemed to be stripped away. Other than that, it works as you would expect.

Waiting for an answer on how to resolve this from the developer.