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The Geocode Factory
If you are looking for a GEO component support for CB,Sobi2,Sobipro or Joomsocial this is your last stop. It work right out of box.

I've been develop some of social network website that require GEO feature which can locate member/record location or calculate radius distance base on enter address. This component satisfy all of my requirement.

1.Cost :
I feel it worst every penny i invested. Support 4 big guy CB,Sobi2,Sobipro or Joomsocial in just 1 single component. Automatic recognize all exist data from third party component above.

2.For regular user:
Very easy to use and implement to other component. Have couple modules-plugin you should buy to fit what you expect in your site.

3.For developer:
Code very organize, easy to read and change.

All problem or bug i found post in forum or open support ticket Z.Rick address very fast. New release always come after that for bug fix.

High recommend! Author very active. New version almost update every month.

Some concern for Author:
Website have many sample and information but need more organize. I get lost when try to find Document for each purchase product.

For Buyer: careful when download your files. He set the limit of number of download. I got that mistake before realize. So save your download for new version. :)

That it. Hope this help.
byhugoboss, January 28, 2011
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Thank developer. This is most simple and effective SEO plugin for Joomla site. It done excellent job when rewrite meta description, meta content on the fly by grabbing site(article) title. Don't need to generate any meta information and import to database. Great idea, simple, effective - 5 star for this Plugin.
byhugoboss, January 15, 2011
I would like to say THANK to develop team. Their hard work gave us a excellence component.
- First this component work exactly what author say. It is so powerful to grab all FULL text with picture. Yes support Cron. A lot options let you make a perfect setting.
- Second, 100% free. Although this component still in develop but many commercial component can't compare with it. 5 stars !!
Keep going team, we all wait for your next stable version.