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FJ Related Articles Blog and List Component
Until now I use this component for showing the logged in users articles of specific categories or (multiple) SECTIONS in nice blog layout, only. Never thought, it could be a difficulty to find the right extension for this. This extension does it in a flow, it lasts two minutes to install it and to create your menu items. It shows the articles exactly in the articles cck-introtext-layout - this is, how it should work. The extension is intuitiv and without any hint of difficulty. Now I see the possibilities of arranging articles by keywords, too and have to think about how to use this manifold skill! Thanks a lot for this great, great extension!
First: I have swmenupro and Joomla 1.5!
This swmenupro is a great solution, if you want your menu to be bequeathed (its "vererben" in German, hope, this suites) to every new menu-item, without the need to be published by an administrator. This means: your customer creates a new category (or may be, by cck, subcategory) and links it to the menu, than this new menulink and its children will be shown in swmenupro by itself on any new created page that belongs to it (if you modified it to appear on all pages). You can do this with the subitems to and so the relevant menuitems appear on the new categories without any backend-modification.
Great! the best solution I found. and it looks good! even if you only have basic knowledge of css, because the admin-panel is self-explanatory! thanks a lot for this great extension
PS: I tried free-version, too, and it is as good, only that you can't modify the different menu-items in different ways and that you don't have that much kinds of menu-types
byhuibu, March 6, 2011
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Countdown FX
Thanks a lot for this smart countdown-extension.
I tried the plugin with some cck and it really works out of the box. no problem to use it several times on one page and/or to use two different layouts for one article (blog and article layout). It is easy to use and to customize and your four styles are looking really professional!
really, really great!
byhuibu, December 11, 2010
Tabber Pro for K2
great extension - never thought, it could be so easy to split content into tabs!
the support is excellent, customer gets updates by email, so without any doubt, this extension is a 10 stars rating extension in any way.
thanks a lot!
absolutly great! I'm joomla beginner, so I try to avoid judging to emotionally, but what joomla community does with extensions like this (for free!!!), is the best I ever ever saw (and I'm old enough to say this :-)
So this goes to the review before by andersgunnare: as I said, I'm beginner, but if I understood your problem in the right way, I think you should try jseblod, to get geotagging from the frontend. there you can build templates for your frontend users with address-field and google-map-field and if the frontend user puts his address in, you have geomapping from the frontend, havn't you?

Thanks for this great extension and opportunity and all the best!