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byhullbody, November 8, 2012
SP Weather
So tired of rokweather and its problems and how slow it makes sites. This module works wonderfully fast by intelligently caching external queries.
byhullbody, October 4, 2012
This sped up a site dramatically and looks great!

The links back to the developer on it are annoying and I don't see an easy way to disable them without editing the code, which I did. Either add an option in options to remove link back to the developer or offer a paid version without the links.

Remove the in the module at the top when the Feed Title is disabled.

If Modal is enabled perhaps the readmore should open the modal too?

Awesome job!
byhullbody, September 26, 2011
Minitek FAQ Book
Just needs a few improvements.. such as decent joomla core SEF support.. URLs are ugly. A search plugin is a necessity, why have a FAQ if the results don't show in a joomla search. And the ability to turn off the developer's backlink. With such features it could easily be a commercial extension.
byhullbody, March 11, 2011
Lof CoinSlider for K2
First of all this looks like it was based on the Nivo slider...

A problem I noticed was that slideshow only plays nice if loaded into a module position allowing full width of the template... Putting another module to the right of this one will not work... at least not in Gantry because it forces anything next to it to go under it.

Also there is no way to turn off the slides from linking to the k2 item pages... so forget about making the slideshow independent of the rest of your site without hacking the code.

Now the coolest thing about it is that it re-sizes images to the width specified. Just make sure your k2 setting of XL is set to as wide as the slideshow. It then crops the image top and bottom to fit your size... awesome.

My Wishlist...

Ability to turn off linking/clickable - so it's a static slideshow.

Ability to set the link to a URL of choice, based on an extrafield, rather than linking to the actual item. If that extra field is unused it is not clickable. Then you would have a slideshow that's clickable, but items link to pages other than the slide items.

Ability to load into module positions next to other modules without it breaking the template layout and forcing the modules to its right to be below it.

Do these things and I would easily pay $50 for it... or $100 for an annual dev license, because it would be the absolute best slideshow tool for k2 or Joomla out there.
byhullbody, December 9, 2010
I have built some really complicated forms with this tool.

As far as I can tell this is the only form tool that has easy rules to hide or show questions or whole sections based on your choices.

Unfortunately these on/off rules don't always seem to work, but the developer seems to always respond to my requests and help me sort stuff out.

For simpler forms I generally use another tool, but for complex, context-sensitive forms I turn to this one.
byhullbody, September 16, 2010
This was needed...

add press kit area and media kit area to your extension description in the JED.

My only gripe is I had to edit 3 pages to remove the powered by stuff on a tool I paid for... I make sites that look good and that requires removing as many powered by tags as possible. Make that an option in settings.
Owner's reply

Thank you for your feedback! We will add this feature in the future version.

byhullbody, August 23, 2010
Pop Image Slider
It looks cool and I wanted to like it... issues:

Only works with New Mootools Enabled (1.2)... fine they mentioned that... But also..

Does not work in IE7... you can see this on their demo. Wish I had checked it in that browser first before buying. Has issues with z-index, and hidden portions showing.

The Module Class Suffix param is not the Joomla Module Class Suffix... its just a class suffix to the slider within the module, so you are forced to have it in a module with default styling unless you alter the code.

If they fixed the IE7 issues and the module class suffix it would be a great tool but otherwise I cannot recommend it as of yet.

I'm hopeful for an update.
Owner's reply

The issues about IE7 and Module Class Suffix are both fixed.

byhullbody, August 4, 2010
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Core Design FAQ
These guys definitely deserve props. Great tool. Thanks for contributing to the joomla community!
byhullbody, May 7, 2009
Form2Content LITE
Positives: You can create custom HTML templates for Intro and Mainbody of articles using field tags set in the tool. Very cool. This was used at my site to create a custom catalog of products. It has some advanced rules which make it its own programming tool of sorts. It allowed me to have several different types of products but only one form, with if/then statements in the HTML template.

Negatives: This tool is not super intuitive especially due to the confusing naming of "forms" which are articles and forms are called something else. The other confusing thing is that anything you create must then in turn be pushed to the database as an article and if you make changes you must refresh it. There is no way to copy a "form".
byhullbody, May 6, 2009
Great tool as a component menu link... the plugin and the module for some reason are different and had errors on my system...but I didn't need those for my current project...and this is a new tool. Keep up the good work!

I would love to see the coordinates map tool added to the Category and Config settings...since I keep going into the destinations to use that tool to find the coordinates and then I copy and paste.
byhullbody, October 6, 2008
BIGSHOT Google Analytics
Had a client request this very thing today and lo and behold it exists! Thanks!
byhullbody, November 17, 2007
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So it seems to work as mentioned and integrates well. There is no subject line which is odd, but I suppose it distinguishes it from an email and makes it quicker to use.
byhullbody, November 8, 2007
Page Peel Banner
This works took me a little digging to figure out where the image files are to be placed, once I did it was easy. I had to publish it in a module position and then it showed up in the top right corner. Some documentation somewhere would be on the module itself...I checked the site I got it from and couldn't find any. I used it to make an under construction image and just had it link to the homepage again.

If I were to ask for an option it would be to choose which of the top corners, left or right.

Nice tool, thanks!