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byhunchermuncher, December 3, 2012
Qlue Broken Link Checker
While the plugin shows broken links, the majority shown on my site were links from unpublished menus and articles. There were also hundreds which showed the problem "No Host" which were actually working links. It was too time-consuming for me to go through and work out which were actually the dead links.
byhunchermuncher, January 26, 2011
Download plug-in. Upload mp3. Copy code into article. Press play. I like!
byhunchermuncher, March 30, 2010
Using the module to display different comments by users every day. I like it very much and had good support from the administrator through the forum. Don't forget to read the Help File which can be found once you have installed the component. Oh, and install the module too, otherwise it won't display.
Owner's reply

Thank You very much

byhunchermuncher, February 8, 2008
XCloner-Backup and Restore
I'm only a newbie to Joomla. I downloaded and installed this component with no problem and soon created a backup of my site which was on my laptop. I uploaded the backup to my site, following the instructions but had problems restoring it to the new location. After a dozen or so polite emails from support, they kindly went into my site and finished it all for me. Fantastic support - I moved the site from my laptop to the web intact.