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byhunterblackstone, October 16, 2009
Rokcandy is a wonderful, fantastic plugin. Once you start using it, it quickly becomes a crutch. It is a major time-saver in many ways. 1) Reuse known good code site-wide but update from one location 2) Code updates are instant site-wide 3) Typing out macros is cake. 4)Many more. You can get very creative with your macros as well. Very versatile. So why 3 stars? Support/Updates: After its initial big release of .83a/.84a they released .85a and .86a both of which changed something that broke some websites. The RokCandy Macro's will not render, so all you see is macro code. This issue is also apparent with some Rockettheme templates. Support for RokCandy on their forum is little to no help regarding this upgrade problem.

The real issue here is you begin using RokCandy throughout your content, and then that Plugin becomes broken you cripple your website. Especially if you're stuck in an old version of the plugin.

It's too bad. Spectacular plugin otherwise.