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byhustad, October 1, 2013
Thank you so much for this perfect module! Makes me sort articles in selected categories into year and months.

Its a major lack that this option is not in core joomla.

Price is also good! Thanks a lot:-)
byhustad, September 30, 2013
Content Uploader Pro
Need to import a document with monthy workout schedules for several gyms. All trainers enters the upcoming workouts in this sheet, and then it is only to import it once a month. Perfect!
Had to ask for some help regarding a complex excel sheet structure, and i was really impressed by the fast and helpfullness of the developer. This is how it should be! Thank you so much to Peter for a great extention but also his support.
Visit Card application for Sobipro
Proactive support and good documentation. Thanks to myjoom team
byhustad, February 24, 2013
ST Content Showcase
A very useful and nice looking extention. Lifts my site up to a fancy level:-) Easy to use extension.
I could not figure out how to get it to look exactly like the demo, and submitted a question to Neo. Got help immediately and i cannot say how much i apprecate such kind of service and help when you need some guiding. Thank you so much for your helpfullness and a great extension!
byhustad, December 13, 2012
Thank you for a great plugin! It saved me a lot of work.

I needed some support cause using seo extentions was all new to me, so i had some questions. And i must say; I have never - ever! had this kind of support before! Matthias you are a star!! Thank you so much for your patience and fantastic help! It made all the difference for me!
byhustad, February 24, 2012
Advanced Module Manager
I had some text in a module on the front page. When clicking on this text to read the whole text, i wanted the module to dissapear. No way! But then i found this extention and it took me 2 minutes to fix this.
This will now be in all my joomla installations.

Perfect !!!! Thank you so much !!!
byhustad, February 7, 2010
Thanks to this module and plugin i am able to display modules on all the vm pages only. This solved a major display issue for me, and the site looked really crappy with modules everywhere. So this module really made all the difference!

Excellent work, i bought the pro version and it is worth every penny!

Thanks thanks thanks :-)
Owner's reply

Hi hustad, yes, complex components don't work very well with Joomla's rather limited system of assigning modules to menu items. VirtueMart is one of the best examples of a component that requires particular modules on very specific pages. e.g. upselling on certain pages, legal requirements to display on certain pages, modules that should appear for items in specific categories, etc etc. I'm glad that MetaMod could help you - thanks for the review.

byhustad, January 22, 2010
Art Sexy Lightbox
I have tested a lot of these type of plugins, and this exceeds them all! Great looking, very easy to use and i must also mention very fast and helpful support. The support part means a lot to me, so excellent work guys!!
byhustad, October 15, 2009
mavik Thumbnails
Very easy to use, does what it says. Up'n running in no time. Thanks :-)
byhustad, September 11, 2009
Ignite Gallery
I have tried and used a lot of galleries in my joomla solutions. Mostly i have used Expose gallery cause it is very easy for the site-admins to administrate.

But i needed a slideshow and scrollers, and found this. And i must say i am so pleased, i can use this gallery in so many different ways. It is very scalable and not to mention easy to use. It looks amazing. It is also very scalable so it does not have to look the same on all joomla sites, - which i find great :-)

Also want to mention that in this version of the gallery the thumbs need to be a given width and height. I want the thumbs to be scaled according to the width of the thumb and not to a given height.
I posted a note regarding this in their forum, and they came back to me and told that there is a new version to be released within 14 days which will have this functionallity.
So when this functionallity is present this gallery definitely has it all! Really, it has it all and looks fantastic.

So thanks guys for this great gallery, - keep up the amazing job you are doing:-)
byhustad, June 11, 2009
Simple Picture Slideshow
This slideshow is very easy to use, it's pretty and are very scalable. Simply the best!

I am amazed not only by the great slideshow, but also by the help and support Andreas have given me. I needed some extra functions which i did not have enough skills to do myselves. Asked Andreas to guide me along, and he not just guided me, he created a new file for me which included my needs. I'm blown away, doesn't get any better than this:-)

Thank you so much Andreas!
I used facileforms to make an order application within joomla 1.0. After updating to joomla 1.5 i downloaded the free version of breezingforms and imported the old packages.

The packages seemed to be running perfect within breezingforms, i only had a couple of issues i needed to change.

I had one issue i could not figure out cause my breezinform/facileforms skills are not good enough so i could not find a way to fix it. It was also important to be fixed urgently cause we had gone into production with the site.

Dropped a note to the forum at crosstec, and within an hour it was all solved - by Marcus :-)

I am really - really - really impressed by the service that are provided by Marcus!
He has made an excellent extension, and on top of it he also finds the time to help us out when we struggle. The support are instantly there, - just when you need it and not 3 days later. Absolutely fantastic and pleasant.

After this experience with Breezingforms i immediately bought the official version. This is really an extention and service worth taking care of.

Thanks a lot Marcus! :-)
byhustad, May 20, 2009
CSS Gallery
I was looking for a gallery like this and noticed the features of this plugin. I needed a gallery where i could select if the images should rotate or not, it should include text and also change be able to change the buttons.

This plugin has it all!
It is perfect for my needs, and i will use it within other sites also. Clean and simple, easy to use and also a good documentation.

Good work, thanks!

If i can make a wish i would like it to be a module. But it has to be a module that i can copy and use multiple instances of within my site.
A module makes it easyer to stay in place when i create the template.
byhustad, April 22, 2009
This could have been an excellent extention.. if it worked.

My first impression was wow - this is so easy, flexible! But, when using it i discover that there is a lot of functions that does not work, which makes it unusable. Here are some of the issues i discovered before i uninstalled:

- trying to unpublish f.ex the subject field, but not working
- trying to make a field become not required, but not working
- when receiving emails, i do not receive all information entered. I entered information total 6 fields, but received information from 3 fields only.

If these things are fixet, i would absolutely love this extention!
Owner's reply

Thank you for your feedback.
Sorry to see that you didn't take the time to read the instructions even if I added them on each page of the component.

There are some fields that can't be unpublished or made not required (name, email, subject and message). It's a contact form after all. You can control this way the other fields.

The only problem is with the information sent in the message and that is generated if you use spaces on the name of the field. It will be fixed in the next version ( replacing all the spaces with '_').

I encourage you to use our forum or send me a direct email if you have any other problems and I'm sure we'll find a solution.

byhustad, June 2, 2008
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Vinaora Visitors Counter
Very easy to use, and looks good! Like that it is possible to select what you want to show; week, today, all and so on.
byhustad, February 19, 2007
I read all the reviews and was a bit worried that it would be difficult to implement this plugin. But no, it was VERY easy, up and running in 2 minutes!

This is an excellent video-solution, very powerful and with a great look. Thanks for the great work you have done here, and for sharing this with us :-)
byhustad, January 31, 2007
I have spent several days to find a solution where i can include my own php scripts into joomla. I tested this as a last try, and was very very pleased.

In my case i have included a form created in dreamweaver which has both javascript and php code in it. And it works!! You really made my day, - so thank you for this great extention.

Great work!
byhustad, January 24, 2007
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This is the best extention ever! It saved me for LOTS and LOTS of work! I have now created an advanced form in dreamweawer and pasted it into Chronoforms. Also use php when form are submitted, and it works!!!!