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byhvanleeuwen, November 12, 2010
Art Frontpage Slideshow
Over time I tried and used probably most of the Image Slideshow extensions here. And found that most are good enough for a simple slideshow.

I like RokSlideshow a lot since it's so solid and the Ken Burns effect is really cool. A new one for me is the Nivo-Szaki Slider which is very very good too by the way, check it out.

For my latest project I needed something more, something that makes you want to keep watching the slideshow.

And i tried all, well most, of the slideshow extenstions again and found Art Frontpage.

I was stunned by the demo, and to be honest a bit shocked by the price, but am now glad i bought it, this is an exceptionally beautiful extension!

If you need a slideshow that is:

easy to install and configure,
offers a very big selection of transitions,
transitions that a really different from all other slideshows you will find here,
transitions that are mostly amazingly beautiful
has a really fast and responsive support.

Art Frontpage is, probably, the only serious option!

Thanks for raising the bar
byhvanleeuwen, August 22, 2008
Shape 5 Text Ticker
This module does exactly as described.

To the review of mike123acc I have to say that he obviously expected this module to be something it isn't and as such his review is incorrect, he should have read the description before writing it.

Rudolfe was obviously looking for a similar product as mike123acc but understood this wasn't what he needed.

What I could use as an extra is a component interface where i can enter the parameters and lines of text so it is easier for managers to change the data. For now this module will do for me.
byhvanleeuwen, July 18, 2008
Contact Information
Excellent module only thing missing for me is an option to sort/order the contact information at will.