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byi2romantis, October 20, 2009
DT Register
I'd like to say that I am very pleased with support that was provided to me. I was recently working on upgrading all of the components on my site so that I could disable the legacy support, and, as you can imagine, upgrading these components doesn't always guarantee that your data is going to be intact afterwards.

I was pleased to see that all of my data was preserved, I went through a very easy process. I had a few questions that I submitted support ticket for to the developer and I had responses, with clear details on how to get things done, within hours and some within minutes!

Not only is it a great extension and does the job, getting help is just a breeze. And the video tutorials top it off and make it easy to follow the instructions for those, like me, who like to see the examples.
JCal Pro
I've been a user of this component for almost a year. It's implemented seamlessly. I've had nothing but great support from developer. Very pleased with how much it can do, especially with ability to post multi colour events, so that just by looking at the monthly calendar you can see the types of events planned. I am looking forward to the new release (2.0).

From practical stand point, I find it very easy to use and install. It took me maybe 30 mins to set it up originally when I was still adjusting it to my site with all the features it has. And it took me less than 5 minutes to upgrade from version 1.6 beta version to current 1.5 stable version and will be upgrading to 2.0 when it's stable.
Great part of this upgrade was that I didn't lose any events. I simply uninstalled 1.6 beta, installed 1.5, enabled modules and was up and running.
How is that for a smooth backward upgrade compatibility!

Dmitri Ivanenko
Owner's reply

Glad it's going smooth. Satisfied subscribers don't always return to write a review...Cheers!

byi2romantis, March 27, 2008
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I must say this module/component is by far the best I've seen out there.

Easy to install, configure and maintain. Lots of configuration options. Lots of features for users. Very nice design, configurable as well.

Especially nice to have an all in one solution, i.e. mail notifier, mailbox display, and the system itself.

Well done!

Considering that it also links to profile / CB, I am quite pleased to have this PMS running on my site!