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Reviews(2), February 28, 2013
AJ Zazzle Marketplace
First, I didn't want to do SEO work for Zazzle but drive traffic only to my site & use Zazzle as an extra income stream not a destination in itself.

And Luis' component is the solution. I use Joomla 1.5 & he's maintained it for older Joomla versions like mine.

There was a conflict with ACEsef but Luis debugged and fixed it asap. He was communicative and prompt, so excellent customer service.

As a bonus it's got the affiliate element so even if traffic moves to Zazzle and purchases we should still generate a little but of revenue.

As a result I'd have no hesitation looking into this developer's other components., October 22, 2011
OSE Anti-Hacker™ for Joomla!
This is my first review, but this is the most brilliant component I've ever seen.

I used videos for the previous version to install and it was easy. Took less than 30 minutes to setup and test. I've had a few questions and someone ALWAYS gets back - fast. Having a security team at your fingertips is business critical. You could go and pay for a web-based scanner from a big corporate but SEO Security Suite is for the back end of Joomla, so to me it's tougher to crack, your own custom security locks. It's the last piece in the cost puzzle before we deploy our main site, and now I can sleep at night. I anticipate that OSE are one of those small companies now ... but they won't stay that way with quality work and service like they have. Buy this component.