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byiankearns, November 16, 2011
OSE File Manager™
I needed something that would allow the backend Joomla administrator to upload files such as PDFs and images but they couldnt use FTP etc so I needed to find something that bolted into Joomla.
Tried JoomlaXplorer and NinjaExplorer but they all had their problems.
Installed OSE FileManager and it worked out of the box but not without an issue; it allowed file and folder access for all sites on the same server - this was a complete show stopper and would have likely led to it being uninstalled and a negative review left.
However I am happy to report that the good people at OSE were quick to respond to my support query and resolved the matter in one hit - superb.
A zero star review became and excellent 5 star review through their quick response and keen willing to resolve the problem. Superb!!
Superb addition to any website even if you just want to show your holiday snaps.
Currently using it when creating a website for a friend who is a photographer and as it is very flexible it means that we can display his images in various styles
Would certainly recommend to others and something I will use in other websites