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byicecream, December 3, 2013
Unite Revolution Responsive Slider
Kudos, what a great piece of software!
I looked around for some time to find a versatile slider.
This one has every feature one could think of and it just works out of the box.
byicecream, October 2, 2013
This plugin has an awesome lot of options and some nice tools included.
Total control of what happens to css and javascript files in complex setups.
byicecream, September 3, 2013
I could only add to the negative ratings.

Database method on 2.5 is not working.
Hangs here or there and does nothing.

Switching on the RestFull plugin on the 1.5 site results in a white page, front- and backend. Had to deactivate the plugin in the database.

Registration is awful.
I'd be angry, if I'd spent money on this one. It's almost a hoax to name it a Pro version, of a well known tool.

I suggest taking this extension off the list.
byicecream, February 24, 2013
I use Flexicontent on three websites for catalog systems.

It is very well structured. Customizations are easy on any level. The code is very understandable and the developers are open for discussion on their forum, which is very active and responsive.

Thank you for this nice piece of software!
byicecream, June 22, 2012
I started using this form processor years ago, when it came out as "FacileForms". During all these years I paid for it over and over again, mostly in the name and for account of my customers, to get to the necessary updates. There were a lot of issues, and the way they were resolved got worse over time.

I kept the product out of convenience, because I had a nice stock of forms to re-use from project to project.

With some of the last version then I ran into serious problems, forms were just not submitted. That was found to be due to cache problems. Instead of fixing the problems in the form processor, they came up with a plugin to disable caching for the page containing the form. Complaining about the handling of the error on their forum, got me cutoff from any response then. Just nothing anymore.

In one of my following projects I ran into an even worse problem. Submitting a form gave a 500 error, with or without cache.

And, JoomFish support was just dropped silently. There was no way anymore I could edit my forms translations.

I had purchased the product again to get to their "private" - non public support forum, but under a different handle, for a different customer, so they didn't know it was me. The forum is full of unsolved issues. Anybody with uncomfortable questions gets just as ignored as on the public forums.

First I got some answers and even some lines of code, but the problem persisted. Then they stopped responding completely again, after they recognized me as the uncomfortable complainer I am.
The license fee was paid for nothing this time.

I ended up using another product from now on, and I'm glad I took the step.

It is patches over patches, still carrying over methods from the very first versions of FacileForms. Thats not necessarily a bad thing, but in this case the remarks in the code even hint to the fact, that they simply don't know anymore how it all works together.

It would be fair of the company developing it now, to indicate that it may have issues with some popular extensions, at least.

Greetings from a not-so satisfied long time customer.
Owner's reply


I don't like to say that but your review is not based on facts:

1. Joomfish Support has NOT been silently skipped. Where do you have this from?

2. Unanswered posts you will find in the FREE forums where we anwer when time allows.

3. Most important: The caching problem is a problem that all forms have in common, no matter what CMS you are using.

Additionally you can only solve this issue by using a system plugin (being called from component won't help as it is executed too late).

Instead we took the effort and solved this issue across BreezingForms borders and published this plugin (CacheControl) FOR FREE TO USE FOR EVERYBODY who is using forms and beyond. It helps people in general who have problems with Joomla's caching. I don't understand what is wrong about that?

Isn't helping each other what a community is about?

If you need further explanations, then please contact me at and I am sure we'll sort that out.