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byideasgirl, June 6, 2011
Nice Slide Show Lite
I've tried to play with all the settings and any of them make the slideshow to work. I wanted the slideshow without arrows nor captions; it didn't work in any of those ways. I thought it was because I was using a sub-directory for the images but even on the main images folder didn't work. What a shame...
byideasgirl, May 1, 2011
-Easy to install and configure
-Easy to understand instructions
-I like the color setting to combine the captcha with your template colors

-sometimes is very difficult to understand it (even in plain letter mode-they are very little)
-we need to be able to publish on same position than other modules. It's insane you can't use it that way. It's almost useless since you can't insert it on the most used positions for signing in like left and right.

Thanks for the plugin, hope these issues can be addressed on next release.
byideasgirl, March 1, 2010
Extension is really great with all the "extended" features that offers...BUT!

One of the reasons I wanted to have this extension was for my members being able to use the K2 interface on the frontend, but if you are using Joomfish this is not an option.
Owner's reply

The coming 2.3 version will enable frontend editing functionality with Joom!Fish on. Those with access to our SVN server can grab a 2.3 SVN release now and take advantage of these changes.

If you are a Mac user, you can download a friendly Mac application we created to ease the process of downloading the latest SVN release of K2 right on your Mac. This version can be downloaded here:

byideasgirl, September 12, 2008
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JCK Editor
I haven't heavily tested but so far, so good. Others always have issues when installing right away. This one worked out of the box. This is great guys!
Owner's reply

Hi ideasgirl, thanks you. - The next release (version 2.6.3 that we hope to have with you by today) promises to be even simpler to install. We have worked hard to do away with corresponding files for Joomla! 1.0x & 1.5x by creating ‘ONE’ installation file for both versions.