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byigirisjin, September 22, 2010
AcyMailing Starter
I had a few problems at first with an early version but support was very good. Also open to suggestions which were implemented. I got the paid version which has features our club needs but for many people the free version will do.

Cant find a fault with 1.5.0. It was definitely worth it ...having a Joomla integrated group mailing list rather than mailman (less reliable).
byigirisjin, January 6, 2010
Ive been using Jevents calendar for 2 years - no problems... and just got paid membership for the extra addons. It was well worth it and when I had a problem the developer fixed it immediately - my fault as I missed installing one of the plugins. Even without membership the support has always been good.

It seems like the development is moving ahead at a fast pace and nothing compares to it if you want TOTAL event management from a calendar. I cant find anything better.
From 'Fair' to ' Very Poor' is a big step ...but a fair rating would be an over-rating on this point.

Its simple and works well but I would say one massive minus point is that comments are separated and only visible in the site language they are input in. Nightmare for users swapping languages to see what everyone said!
So if someone viewing the site in German makes a comment it cannot be seen by someone viewing the site in English ... this may simply be caused by browser settings.
There is no admin setting for this at this time and when I posted a message on the developers forum there was no comment - just a link to an article to manually add tables and values to the database.
A simple note explaining the current situation on this wouldve made a big difference... will an admin fix be available in an upgrade, or left like it is ... view this link and do it yourself with phpmyadmin?

For that poor response this review is justified.
byigirisjin, March 27, 2008
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The description here on the Joomla site is very different from the developers site. Great extension but it does the opposite of it says it will do here.

"Universal User Integration" ... sorry no! Its a one way integration from other software. Forget integrating your Joomla users in a message board. Joomla accounts are totally useless/meaningless at this stage in its development.
Ideal for message boards that want a portal - useless for joomla users that want a message board.

This text from the developers site should be on the Joomla extension description - I cannot believe it was left out!

What does JFusion do?

* JFusion will force Joomla to use an exteral software as the "master" of usermanagement."

"What can JFusion not do at this stage?

* JFusion does not have user-sync at ths stage, which makes it unsuitable for people with a large Joomla user database, to extend their Joomla installation with a forum (user-sync will be added at a later date)"

This is pretty explicit ... why isnt it written here. It means I gota move all joomla accounts in to a message board.

Owner's reply

"Universal" means that with the JFusion framework you can integrate many different softwares with Joomla.

JFusion 1.0.5e has one-way sync capabilities to sync users from the forum into Joomla. We hope to have two-way sync capabilities up and running soon.

Thank you for pointing out that some extra information would be useful on this extension's description. I have added this. Marius