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byiice74, July 27, 2009
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Briefcase Factory
I was looking forward to using this extension, it's the only extension out there that allows users to upload and share documents and also keep some documents private. I tried some of the other components and none had a simple way of separating private from public documents like this one does.

However, there are a few things you really need to consider before using this extension, hopefully this will help you:

Price to Value (poor)
48.99 euro (about $72) is extremelly high for the quaility of this product. You are probably better of going to a freelance site and get one done just for you..

Support (average)
You can email them or go to the forum. You will get an answer but don't expect it to help much.

Interface/ user-friendly (poor)
The upload page has a bunch of fields with no labels to direct the user. Things are just thrown out there for the user to figure out.

Customization (poor)
Very few options to customize unless you want to crack open the code and make all your changes there.

Admin panel (good)
Nothing too fancy but at least there is one.

Quality (poor)
Can use a face lift to make it user friendly. Language file not in the language folder but in the component folder. Code doesn't have notes to help you if you want to make changes. Have a bug for files larger than allowed size, instead of error it just opens your front page inside the component's page.

Closing remarks
If you are going to purchase this product pay close attention to the demo as you will have a hard time customizing it to your site. If you like it as is then you might be okay with this product but I would definitely not buy this product again.
Owner's reply

Please check out the new version of the Briefcase factory (also available for Joomla 1.6) There are huge usability improvements ;)

thank you for your review!