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byiidx036, February 23, 2012
XCloner-Backup and Restore
This is a top-notch extension!

I use it to move development sites to a production server when the client is happy.

Easy to install, easy to use ... nothing more to say really.

Well done.
I have been using VM since Joomla 1.0.x and found it catered for all my e-commerce needs. However, over time I have found it has become too complex and it feels bloated.

I started building a new site about a week ago and installed VM as normal but it just felt like a chore to get it all configured and populate it with products going from screen to screen. So I thought I would look around for something else. I tried REDshop and a couple of the other Joomla ones but I got the same feeling.

So I looked around for a standalone version. I then stumbled upon Opencart. What a breathe of fresh air! Simple to use, configuration and product population was easy - but for me it got over my major gripe of VM - the speed - Opencart is lightning quick.

So, in a nutshell, if you need to use Joomla then VM will do what you need. If you are a novice with VM then I would take a lot of time to look at all the options it has - and take time to see how the templates in VM work.

If you don't need Joomla then take a look at Opencart it really is good.
byiidx036, January 29, 2010
This component is simply brilliant.

However, you need to put the time and effort in with Fabrik. Unfortunately some reviewers seem to expect everything on a plate - you get out what you put in.

Regarding support, it's worth taking up the bronze support - it's only £20 for pete's sake!!! Rob has done some amazing work with this and could have easily made this a commercial component.

The support forums are tirelessly reviewed by Rob and Hugh who always try to help. I have always had a question answered in the bronze subscriber support forum. Plus, with the addition of some really neat plugins available for subscribers you simply cannot fault it.

If you want to build web apps in Joomla then this is EXACTLY what you need.

Well done guys.
byiidx036, May 14, 2008
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I appreciate anyone coding GNU/GPL software so, first and foremost, thankyou to the developers.

There probably isn't a better gallery component for users to upload their own photos to your site. Maintenance and backend config features are a plenty.

However, my main gripes are as follows (I am using 1.14.3):

1. Bugs - There are quite a few e.g. the on going lightbox issues. The slideshow_parth issues not showing full images. Issues with descriptions not showing. Templates not installing correctly.

2. You will probably need to change your php.ini as you may well get timeouts.

3. The "support" forum - There are so many unanswered posts! It gives me the feeling that a lot of people are in the same boat with bugs/issues and they are just left to drift.

If you are looking to setup and quick and simple way for users to upload pictures to your site then give it a whirl.

If you are looking for something that will add a bit of WOW factor to your site I would look at something else.
byiidx036, November 23, 2007
PixSearch Ajax Search
Having had issues with getting results to display in IE7 I placed a bug report on the pixpro forum and it was fixed in a couple of hours!!

Now works with no problems - excellent mod.