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ARI Quiz
ARI Quiz is the number 1 choice for online testing software available for Joomla!

The others can't even compare.

In ARI Quiz, all the features work exactly as the developers say they will.

It supports media files in your quizzes; even on mobile devices. So, you can post audio or video questions with no worries using All Videos (the best choice for embedding media in your content).

I had an issue that required an update to the quiz editor. Once I contacted their customer support, and explained what I needed. I got an update file the same day!! It fixed the issue, and I was able to continue building my website (instead of hacking the component).

I just want to say thanks to the developers and support reps at ARI Soft for making a great extension and supporting their customers!!

Great job!!!
byiiv7, November 4, 2012
I've been using TweetScheduler for about a year, and I thought it was time I left a review.

It does everything it says it will do. It's easy to install, and what little support I needed for it was quick and courteous.

The developer has been working on some new features, and replied personally to feature requests that I made.

They are working on adding Facebook posts in addition to Twitter. And, there will soon be support for recurring Tweets; so it will be a true automated scheduling tool for social media.

I'm very excited about that, and look forward to the new release.

Thanks to the Yireo team for a great extension and wonderful servie!
I wish there was a higher rating than Excellent!

This plugin does all it says it will do, and it does it easily with no hassle.

And, a link free version is available for a small donation.

The developer kindly offered to customize the look and feel of JooComments for my sites template. And, he gave up a couple of days over a weekend, while he was traveling to do it. While also, patiently tweaking the layout to my requests.

Now it still works great, and it looks fantastic too!

How about that for awesome service!! Huh?

Can't beat it in my book.

If you're looking for a simple and reliable commenting system for your site, this is it.
byiiv7, February 18, 2012
You gotta love the folks over at Joobi! They work hard to develop quality extensions, and back it up with great customer service.

I bought jNews Pro for my site that I'm upgrading to Joomla! 2.5

I got it installed and noticed the subscription module wasn't working working quite right.

I chatted with their Live Chat Support, and then submitted a Support Ticket.

The next day they emailed me an updated package that fixed the bug, less than 24 hours.

I've been very impressed with the jNews component all along, without ever needing to contact the Support Desk.

I'm happy to say they are there, and they get things done! Great work, Joobi!!

Keep it up!!!