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byijthoma, May 22, 2014
I recently installed EasySocial on a charity website, so we could create a community spirit. I encountered a strange problem when registering new users. I thought it may be un-solvable, but Mark and the team were relentless in solving the problem, despite taking many hours of their time. It turned out it was related to the plugin requiring users to change their password when first logging in. we turned that off and we were in business.

Every time I have a question the team are very quick to respond and I am pleased to say that no problem has gone unresolved.

I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND this extension, which has a rich feature set, but mostly because I know it has a quality team standing behind it.
byijthoma, November 10, 2011
Nice Google Checkout
A friend asked me to help build a website with a simple shopping cart. I looked at several carts but, for the volume, thought the Google Checkout approach would work best. When I found this plugin, which made it even easier, everything just came together. My friend now has a wonderful "online store" page and it was all put together in under a day, thanks in part to the simplicity of the plugin. I should add that Michael was quick to assist when the download link went to my friend (who was travelling) and not to me. He quickly sent it to me and I was up and running. Great plugin and great , personal support. Highly recommended.
byijthoma, October 26, 2010
Art Timeline
I really like this extension. Not only does it do exactly what it says it does, but there is so much more that can be done using the css or custom javascript box. Simply ask a question on the support forum at and you will quickly get a response. Great service makes a component worth paying for.