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byilan5555, January 27, 2013
DataSafe PRO
If you want to do automatic backups you need to pay.
Not free as described.
Owner's reply

Hi there,
Thank you for your comments.
DataSafe PRO is completely 100% FREE to download and use - and includes free semi-automated backups. You literally just need to click a button, and a backup will be generated.
To fully automate the process, with scheduled backups on an hourly, daily, or weekly basis, it's a small charge of just £2 per month to go fully automatic - and a single license can be used across all your Joomla systems.
I do apologise if this wasn't completely clear - we will review the component description immediately.
Barnaby Dixon

byilan5555, August 4, 2011
After trying other forums, this one in simple, beautiful and fast.
It has an auto update option which is very useful.

The best part is the support!!
I haven't seen something like this.
All my question were answered quickly and professionally.
I really like this forum and the support is the best I know.
(Remember - it's FREE).
Don't hesitate - install this forum and have your forum up and running in 5 minutes.

Thank you John Bartels for your kindness!!!
byilan5555, August 27, 2010
KA Facebook Fanbox Pro
The module does what he promise and does it good.
I like this module very much and I believe that everyone who has a site and want to connect it to Facebook must use it.

I had some problems with the installation and Ahmed help me with kindness and patience.

I also believe that a commercial product MUST have a good tutorial and manual for us to understand.
I have this module and I really don't know much about it because of that.
The manual on the site is simple, too much...

I must say again, Ahmed did help me and the module works, but I depend on him.

Another tip for Ahmed, I believe that a module that could have also the "share to a friend" option on the site and the Fanbox on one product could be great!

Thank you.
byilan5555, May 25, 2007
Very good plugin but you cannot display flv movies hosted on other servers unless is the one in their list.
If you have multiples sites and want to display the same VIDEO (not mp3) you cannot add a remote option to display the video.

If you have your own content, it's a good choice.