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byilox, July 27, 2009
Phoca Gallery
I liked this. I had it on two sites till we got so many pictures up and we found the space was being consumed at a fast rate. Looking closely we found that for every picture there is a copy of the original, a medium sized thumbnail and a smaller sized thumbnail. I can understand the small and medium thumbnails, I guess you have to have the duplicate full size file to add in the watermarks. I like having the watermarks but isn't there another way to do this without doubling the memory usage?
Another problem is that you have to create your own images/phocagallery folder that isn't off the default images/stories so other programs cant find your images to display. Why cant you go with the defaults?
Fix those niggles and you'd have me very happy.
Owner's reply


Phoca Gallery doesn't create copy of original images, there are three thumbnail types:

- small - displayed in Categories View, in administration
- medium - displayed in Category View, in administration
- large - displayed in Detail View, in Switch/Swap function, in Overlib

Large thumbnails are important, because e.g. users upload images with 3072x2304 or 2816x2112 and other similar sizes. Such size cannot be displayed in browser (on common displays) so e.g. size of large thumbnail, which is 640x480, is needful.

If you will add watermark, it is added on medium and large thumbnails, there is no duplication, no doubling the memory usage

Phoca Gallery images are stored in images folder, which you can access by other programs, just set the path in Global configuration in Joomla! - the parameter is called Path to Image Folder