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Since I've been using Rockettheme templates, I'm using RokSprocket too. I'm quite happy with it; you can create a different look and feel in no time. Some more configuration options would be nice, but I'm happy with it now as well.
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Thank you for your review.

If you have a RocketTheme membership, you may post your suggestions for configuration options in our Requests forum to see if it would garner some attention:

Kind regards,

RocketTheme LLC

Xmap stays the best extension for creating sitemaps. Sometimes you need to fiddle a bit, but it will work for complicated and multilingual sites alike.
This is a truly excellent tool. There are so many options from an administrator's point of view! I can make sure my authors can't go wild using all kinds of colored text, or placing images where they don't belong. I can create profiles for different kinds of users, for both front and backend. Perfect tool for linking, inserting images and everything. No wonder it won awards! I'm really happy!
I'm really happy with this product. It's really responsive (not just sort of) and free. What's not to like?
Since ReCaptcha used to be broken, we had to look for another captcha. We found this one. Anybody can solve a puzzle! It works well and the support is great. Any time I had a question, it got answered immediately, which is rare in a free tool.
I'm moving back to reCaptcha though, which has everything to do with the costs for the paid version (to remove the "free version" tag etc). As the cost is per website per month or year, it gets to be a lot for a bunch of sites. Pity!
I've been using social share plugins for years and years, until I found out that they added about 2 seconds to my page load time, regardless of whether they were used on the page. That's when I decided to try this free plugin. It works perfectly for what I need, and, most important, it doesn't slow my site down unnecessarily. A nice little feature is of course the fact it can use fontAwesome: I'm a graet fan! And I was pleased to find it automatically uses my template colours. What could be better than that? A great thanks to the builder!
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Thank you very much for you review. Your comment gives to me power to continue developing plugins and components. I focused in speed and security (facebook spies us, you know :p) and european cookie confirm law support (in pro version).


byimke2u, April 23, 2014
Admin Tools Professional
In the past I've had issues with my sites being hacked. No more!

It takes some time and effort to figure out the first time, but with the help of the excellent documentation that's easy. Once you've figured out what your perfect settings are, you can just reuse them and it takes no effort at all to configure.

I'm so happy with this extension that I think it's well worth the money spent. I also believe it's an absolute must for any professional Joomla! web designer. It professionalises your work.
byimke2u, April 23, 2014
JEvents is one of my favourite extensions for a reason. I've been using it for years now and have seen it grow. Support is great, Geraint and Tony are very fast to react to any question and help as long as you need to solve your problem.
The past few years I've been using the paid version, so I can offer my clients events subscription and all the other good stuff. It's well worth it!

The backend gives you endless options to configure and I am very happy with that because I'll avoid coding at any cost ;-)

The one thing that could be improved I guess are the themes, but with a bit of styling that's easy to fix.

I was ashamed to see I hadn't reviewed it yet; it deserves better, so I'll remedie that now :-)

Thanks guys and keep up the good work!
byimke2u, April 14, 2014
Ozio Gallery
This is a beautiful extension that is easy to configure an use. A real eye-catcher!
byimke2u, April 9, 2014
Phoca Download
This extension is great! Easy to use and does just what I need and more. Just like any extension I've used from Phoca over the years. Thanks Jan!
byimke2u, September 19, 2013
Akeeba Backup
Akeeba Backup provides an easy way to migrate complete sites. Using this tool you can easily adopt a professional way of working using a development site and then easily copy paste your developed site to the live environment.
Also, my sites have been hacked before. Akeeba Admin has put en end to that so far, but just in case it's a safe feeling to have a working backup at hand.
I've spent the money and bought a subscription, and it's money well spent.
Keep up the good work!
byimke2u, September 19, 2013
Never was there any other Joomla tool that saved me so much time! I've used it before to migrate 1.5 sites, and I was very happy to see that there's one now for 2.5 +. Thanks a bunch and keep up the good work. I will make a donation!
byimke2u, September 13, 2012
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Thanks for this perfect extension! It does just what it promises. It's easy to customise and make it match your site colors and style.
byimke2u, June 22, 2012
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Issue Tracker
Issue tracker was just what I was looking for. Up and running in minutes, just configurable enough. Perfect for my one-woman shop, many customers and lots of small support tasks to perform. I've created a language pack for Dutch, which was also easy and perfectly well documented on the website.
I think with a few minor enhancements this tool could be even greater, but, as said, it's quite perfect already! Thanks guys for sharing this!
byimke2u, February 18, 2012
Phoca Maps
Thanks for this great extension! It has enough parameters to make it do just what you need, all the while keeping it simple enough to get it up and running in no time at all. And it looks great too, especially with the use of your own markers! Keep up the good work!
byimke2u, October 26, 2011
Simple Flickr Slideshow
I've installed this extension and started using it in a matter of minutes. It works like a charm and does exactly what it says it does! Thanks!
byimke2u, October 26, 2011
It worked instantly, without any problems. You can configure lots of options so it will probably meet most needs. Configuring it is dead easy!

One of the things I don't like, is that any time you make a minor change to an article, all the likes and shares disappear. I suppose the same happens to comments, although I haven't tested that because I don't want comments on my site. I tend to change articles for a while after I've published them. That means that every time I change even just metadata, I loose all the cool thumbs ups! I understand this from a business logic perspective: It isn't the exact same article people voted for anymore, but I'd certainly like it to be different!

A minor problem I've encountered is that sometimes the article picture isn't picked up, and sometimes the article meta description isn't picked up when sharing. Cancelling the share and retrying a few times seems to do the trick however.

Over all, a good extension!