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byimtravie, March 4, 2008
Whilst site administrators have to go to the effort of setting up their sites to be crawled by the likes of google and other search engines. This component takes site promotion one step further, allowing users to import their address books from quite a few free web based email services as well as outlook and other computer based accounts. Doing this allows site administrators to empower their users to promote their own site, saving them time and creating a better promoted site. The component has a wide range of features, from 'Personal Namecards' through to awarding users karma points for inviting members.

If you are building a community site, this is an essential!
byimtravie, March 4, 2008
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Community Builder
Community builder in my opinion is an essential addon component to Joomla for any community based site, giving users the ability to create their own 'personal profiles' based on fields administrators can set up. The forums are very active and the component itself is simple to use and set up. Whilst like in any component there are flaws, this one really extends the community nature of your site, by giving users their own personal space. And another testimonial to the component or package is the number of plug-ins available to community builder made my third party developers.... if it wasn't that good, you would not see this many plugins