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byimugli, January 20, 2011
What a fantastic component!

Installed and ran perfectly.

One of those ideas that is so simple it's a wonder no one did it before this one!

Awesome way to introduce some interactivity to a website.

Well done to the makers!
Morfeo Video
Fantastic app. Works straight out of the box in no time at all and looks great.

2 things I'd like to see are:

The ability to categorise videos


An RSS feature

Other than than, fantastic mod.
byimugli, October 14, 2010
JomWALL for Community Builder
I registered simply to write a review for this product.

While the product itself is great, the support is even better.

I had a problem with my wall not linking correctly (probably something to do with my site rather than the software) and they fixed it for me PRONTO.

Not only that, but they also fixed a template issue that was happening with the software, without me mentioning it.

Highly reccommend this product to everyone!

Thanks AWD!