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byimwarrior, November 1, 2011
this works out of the box..only because of this plugin i was able to use AUP and CB together otherwise i wud have looked for jomsocial..
thanx a lot..and it works with joomla 1.7 and CB 1.7
one request to dev please add another plugin which shows AUP activity in profile
byimwarrior, April 25, 2011
This is an Very good Plugin works great on joomla content..But i use k2, it would be awsome if it can be made to work for k2 also
Thanks DEV
byimwarrior, April 10, 2011
I just Love Gator specially when they are Feed Gator...This is an Excellent Extension Specifically for me because it provide plugins for K2, Flexicontent and Moset Tree which i use on different Sites
Thanx Dev
byimwarrior, April 4, 2011
Lof SlideShow for K2
What i would like to say is that this is a very good product..without any effort this does wonder ..
Amzing dont need any supporet to configure it because its pretty simple to configure and very nice pretty themes..
Thanx a Lot for your Contribution to the Joomla Community
byimwarrior, May 28, 2010
This is the Best Blogging Component Available in the Whole JED and Better than some others Commercials product excellent looks ,features,
Amazing Work Dev.
byimwarrior, May 11, 2010
JCal Pro
this is an amazinf free calender and events component..only thing paid is themes and flex module..and even without them its complete in itself
integration with jomsocial and cb is a plus..
only expectation is jomsocial user point becuase my site is point driven..
thanx a lot dev
byimwarrior, May 6, 2010
this is very good extension, lots of features well layout this is best download manager at this time
thanx a lot dev.
byimwarrior, October 11, 2009
this is the best free comments system very good new features but i expected the comment form to look better just like azrul comment.
except that this is better than any comment system (including Azrul)avialable till now.
This is my first review and i had to this ..this is the best extension for joomla and without this i wolud have not even thought of creating a Joomla Website. Now lot of Rules are Developed for this (check there forum).
Thanx a Lot to Developer But only words of Aprreciation are not enough one must contribute to them for there great work and i am sure gonna do this when i will get my first pay check from google