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inSpire Graphics

byinSpire Graphics, July 13, 2011
I have to say that I am very impressed with this extension. I've been using Joomla for a little over a year now and got a project that needed the ability to take online orders only, with the ability in the future to charge people via the site. I was able to disable the payment section when someone checks out and set it up so people can place an order without having to make a payment (exactly what the client wanted). In the future, they'll charge the people through the website but they wanted to use their own inhouse system and enter all the orders that come in through the website into their payment system.

I installed the extension about 5 hours ago and was able to setup about a dozen products with details and imagery. Very easy to use.

I did need to take a look at the documentation for a couple things I got stumped on, but the videos helped as well as some of the information in the forums.

Well done and thank you for a great product.