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I paid for the commercial version with PayPal - I've built 4 websites with Joomla, the last two with 2.5. This product has major issues with my 2.5 sites... it would not work properly for me at all. ProJoom gave me poor support and basically said, "Sorry, can't help you". I asked for a refund per their "100% Satisfaction Guarantee". The Projoom person tried to fool me by sending a made-up "refund" statement via email to make me think it had been fully refunded, but when I went to PayPal, he had denied the refund request. Through the PayPal dispute system, he lied through his teeth, claiming that I was a scammer trying to get "free software". PayPal supported this liar and did not refund the money. ProJoom's "Satisfaction Guarantee" means ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. Who knows, this might work for other versions of Joomla, but I'll never know because I refuse to deal with a lying company that does not honor it's own stated policy.

Avoid any ProJoom products like the plaque unless you can afford to lose your cash when the product doesn't work as advertised.

Very, very disappointed in the level of support and their complete lack of honesty and integrity.
Owner's reply

This person purchased the extension, then one hour later filed a claim with PayPal, without letting us know he's having a problem.
Right away, we've sent an email asking the customer politely to let us know how we might help.

Instead of explaining the issue, he focused on receiveng a refund.
We've encourage him again to use the proper procedure to report any problem.

This time, he ended any kind of communication and escalated the dispute to a claim.
Later, PayPal decided the claim in our favor, this being the only reason this person wrote the review above.

You can judge it yourself. We were never given the chance and opportunity to assist this customer.

The other reviews are a testimony of our efforts to develop a better Joomla extension and offer support to all our users of this product.

Hopefully, this review will be investigated and removed as it's not being honest but defamatory, meant to damage our business image and also breaking the Joomla TOS.