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KC Cufón Font Replacement
Absolutely awesome extension, simple to use with many options for font replacement. But best of all it has a plugin setting to allow you set "Display font while loading" to No, this prevents unstyled content loading causing the notorious "white flash on page load" which occurs with most cufon font replacers! Well done and thanks for an awesome extension!
byinfin8, June 30, 2014
Javascript Async and Defer
So I had the most annoying issue a white flash on page load, this looked worse because the background was black. I tried using so many of the top rated jquery and optimzation plugins, but none of them worked. Then I came across this plugin, it worked on every page. I set the plugin to defer loading and took the time to find all the urls of my javascript files and hey presto, no flash!!!! I was able to user relative paths for locally hosted scripts and absolute paths for offsite scripts, being able to use relative paths for local scripts was essential as I am working on a dev version of the site and will be migrating it shortly. Thank you so much for creating a plugin that is really simple to use and does the job!
byinfin8, September 24, 2013
Skyline Menu Pro
I don't think I have ever received such outstanding support as from these guys. I small issue with the menu flashing across the screen on load, their team responded and fixed the issue. The menu and plugs are great, will definitely look at buying other extensions from them in the future. Thank to their team for all their help.
byinfin8, January 12, 2012
Contact Enhanced Component
This is one of my favorite extensions, well worth the money!

I use this extension on all my sites, recently I had an issue saving new custom fields, so I contacted the developer through their website, and Douglas contacted me within minutes, suggesting that another plugin was conflicting, he was correct, problem solved!

I highly recommend this extension, excellent extension & outstanding support!
Art Calendar
I installed on a clients site and had a rendering issue with tooltips in IE8 and end dates not showing for events. I contacted the developer and received a response within minutes! The support team resolved the issue within 24hours and made some updates for the extension with some styling and minor changes to fit my clients site, and then sent me a new copy of the component with the changes. I had made an error when setting up the recurring events, they corrected the issue and gave me simple instructions for entering correctly in the future. I am totally blown away by how professional and efficient their support has been, considering I spent so little on such a great component. I have spent hundreds of dollars on other components for joomla, to have little or no support. I highly recommend this component, it does everything I needed and the support is outstanding... well done guys!