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The biggest problem with Joomla caching is you cant exclude some components, like perhaps custom components or pages with your own dynamic PHP.

So Jotcache does a great job because you can exclude certain pages based on the variables in the URL.

BUT I cannot get it to work with Sobi2. I have random listings on Sobi2 but they show as fixed when Jotcache is enabled.

The email reply from the developer has been very quick which is good. But unfortunately he has not been able to provide a fix.

So its a 4* component. By which I mean it is excellent, and support is good, except for it not working for Sobi2 nor a fix been provided.

That means you dont have Sobi 2 its 5 stars!
Owner's reply

With my contribution to public open source I think that I am paying back solutions and ideas which I got from community. But I not owe you anything especially in the case when you are providing paid services to your customer.
When I asked for test server with similar environment to analyse and test possible solutions, then nothing was provided. Not to be personally biased I was searching for extent of open source support I found (with N. Dionysopoulos comment matching my feeling as well).