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byinfuriated, August 5, 2014
Personal Goals Manager
Ok, until now I have limited my reviews to positive reviews. But having subscribed on and off to JoomPlace's Personal Goals Manager since it came out 3 years ago... I gotta say, I have never ever gotten my moneys worth. Frankly, I have always been to embarrassed to use it on a live site.

I am currently giving it another go on a beta site, because it is an important feature for our strategy, but I honestly think I will have to get a custom component built by a team with more attention to detail.

JoomPlace has nice people. Their support staff is honest and helpful... and they readily accept feedback. But it is very clear that they are doing WAAY too many things, resulting in a lot of poor and buggy products.

They should stop developing/supporting most of the components they offer, and focus on building 3-4 very good components max, depending on their resources.

In the case of Personal Goals Manager, it is such a wasted opportunity, there is no competition for it in the Joomla space. They should rebuild it from scratch... and hire better UI/UX Front End Designers.
Too Many Files
I have tested several Optimization tools, but the fact is... all most of them do is compress and minify. This tool actually ensures you don't load stuff you don't need. As such I cut my sites size down from 2.4mb to 1.1mb... and my load time is a couple of seconds faster.
Well, I don't know where to start. First of all, it is definitely the most complete social login component available. Second of all, it allows me to have users automatically login when they visit the site, a feature that is broken/non existent in Joomla.

I migrated over from EasySocial's facebook connect. I asked them if it was possible ot migrate users from EasySocial to JFBConnect, and they replied there are two options. The first option was very neat, it basically does a scan of all the registered e-mails and automatically connects a facebook account to the appropriate Joomla account.

For many the above solution would be all they need... but as I had given my staff custom e-mails that were not connected to facebook, I told them that. Within no time, they wrote the code to import users and shared it with me.

Not only did they post the code on the forum, they sent me a personalized e-mail to follow up, and to inform me that they had come up with a solution.

The solution worked perfectly!

I cannot thank them enough :) Definitely recommended.
byinfuriated, June 3, 2014
Layer Slider
Best Slider Component EVER!!!! I was able to make a very cool full screen animation using the very well developed component gui.

and more importantly, The Support that Offlajn provides is incredible.

Aside from Stackideas which I absolutely love, no other component provider can get close to the support level which Offlajn provides. Stackideas and Offlajn are on a level of their own... and on a side note Offlajn offers the best modules for Live Search and Login on the market (and yes they do integrate with Stackideas products)

Jenő Kovács from Offlajn even helped me fix a couple of things that other developers weren't able to fix even if it wasn't his responsibility. I truly wish more developers in the Joomla community were as helpful and kind as him!
EasySocial by far the best social component for Joomla yet... and more importantly the team at Stackideas has raised the bar so high with everything they do, that my goal is to run a 100% stackideas eco system. They are doing a phenomenal job at listening to customers and introducing features that there is demand for... reducing the need for third party plugins... and if something is a bit more of a niche, which results in third party developers choosing to pick it up and offer that feature for EasySocial, the team at Stackideas is always available to help ensure a certain standard of quality.

In all my years of developing sites with Joomla (and Mambo before that)... Never have I been so excited and grateful for a team of Joomla component developers.

I suggest you take a look at their forum to get an idea of how proactive and helpful their team is. EVERY single problem or question gets answered or solved with a great attitude, and if it is a weekend, and it takes a few hours to reply, they apologize for being slow.

I have owned EasyBlog and EasyDiscuss for a couple of years now, and I bought EasySocial back when it first came out. Words cannot express how grateful I am for the products they make, and the service they provide. They make all their customers feel like we are a part of their team. They involve us in every step of the planning. They constantly are seeking our feedback and acting accordingly.

As an Entrepreneur myself, I have to say, their standard of service inspires. I am constantly learning from their practices.
byinfuriated, October 3, 2011
Universal AJAX Live Search
While it may be one of the most simple extensions I have purchased, the power, simplicity and support together have made this a very satisfying purchase! The developer has helped me not only getting his module implemented well, but he has modified other plugins from other developers for me so that they would integrate perfectly with the search. If you are looking for a search, look no further!! :)