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I have been using this extension. It requires some learning curve and need to dig into code to understand some of the functionality due to lack of enough documentation(though in the site there are documentations to some extent but when searching for solutions to issues, not able to find them).

I would suggest to open the forum to public as it is now being closed. I cannot post the issues into the forums. Hence I face difficulty.

However, overall I would like to congratulate the team on bringing out such a promising extension.
Owner's reply

The community forum is open to any one who has a free account on the site. If you are having trouble posting please contact us so that we can investigate why you can't post.

byingudam, July 18, 2008
Include Content Item
Today I was looking for something like this where I can include contents into another article. This is exactly what I was looking for.

Thanks a lot for this plugin.