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byinnovationaldesign, December 19, 2010
hey, first of all, I want to say thank you for what you have done; amazing, and very helpful indeed!

I also have found a small bug,

the bug is that, I put the link of my MP4 file in the plugin default, the video loads with no problem; but then as soon as I want to load the same link of video by typing it in within the article like the syntax that you have shown, it never loads .... after closely compare the source code, I found out, my link as both upper case and lower case letter; and when I put the link into the default plugin, the video was loaded correctly (even in the source code shows my link with all the upper and lower cases intag); but then if I put the same link into the syntax in the article to load, not only it won't load, the source code also shows that the link was still correct, but all the upper case letters got turned into lower case ... so it became 404, can't be accessed

anyway, see if that's possible that you can look into that, cause I do plan on further using this plugin even more!

thx and keep up the good work! :D

Owner's reply


thank you very much for your feedback. You are absolutely right, that is a bug. As soon as I have time I'll update the plugin.

Best regards
Alfred Bösch