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byinsightcreative, February 26, 2014
Background Styler
Very nice little free extension that allowed me to set random full screen backgrounds. Took 2 minutes to get working.
byinsightcreative, November 23, 2013
Custom Fields For All
This makes adding custom fields to VM how it should be.

2 minutes to install and not much more to learn how to use. Makes adding custom fields MUCH easier!
byinsightcreative, May 30, 2012
Cookie Monster
I bought this about 30 minutes ago. I couldn't get it working so I e-mailed the developer. He got back to me exactly 15 minutes later and it was a problem with another module loading and old version of JQuery. I upgraded that and it works exactly as it needs to.

Brilliant component to deal with this EU cookie law and brilliant support.
Owner's reply

Thanks for taking the time to make a review , it is appreciated. Glad to have been of assistance to you in identifying problems .

byinsightcreative, November 11, 2011
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StyleWare K2 Google Maps
Whoah! Just installed this plugin. Had a slight problem which is down to my server configuration so I posted into the forum. I posted in 12 minutes ago and got the first response 10 minutes ago. The product works fine and the support is better than anything I've seen!

Well done.
Owner's reply

Thank you very much for the kind review. Unfortunately it is simply impossible to test it against all server configurations, however we do our best to resolve all issues as soon as possible. Sometimes it takes minutes, sometimes 1-2 days, but we really try to make our product usable for everyone.

byinsightcreative, September 15, 2011
This was installed and working in no time. I've used a few extensions from this developer and they are all fantastic.
byinsightcreative, September 11, 2011
Thanks or this, I am becoming addicted to watching this! I've already picked up a dodgy trademark infringement company in the US and a form spammer. Both IP ranges were blocked!

It's enabling me to see people's browsing habits on my wife's new e-commerce site so that we can make the whole experience better. If you use this properly, even if you pay the tiny sum asked for the Pro version, it will pay you back with an increased return on your site.

I may well get the Pro version just to support the extension.
byinsightcreative, August 29, 2011
AutoTweet NG Pro
This is on my must have list of extensions. Social networking is vital to any online marketing strategy and this takes care of things for you.

I had a problem with it not posting to Facebook and received support on the forum within a few hours. (The problem was of my doing)

This is just one of this extensions that make you feel comfortable knowing that it'll just work.
byinsightcreative, May 1, 2011
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JoomBah Jobs
This is the 4th recruitment component I've paid for. I installed it 2 days ago and have played around with it quite a bit since then. Every time I look I find something else that makes me realise that this is a very, very good product. At $35 it knocks the socks off the others I've tried in terms of price and the level of functionality. I've not needed the support forum but a look through a few pages worth of posts shows that the developer is very responsive to support requests.

I have to say that this component is far too cheap for what it gives you. This is much more than I would expect. If it had been $150 I would still have thought it was good value.

Restores my faith in open source!
byinsightcreative, April 29, 2011
JS Jobs
I paid the $90 ($108 with tax) for the full product and I'm sorry to say that it's useless. What annoys me is that this is the third and most expensive component that I've paid for that hasn't done what it's supposed to do.

I can't seem to sign up for the forum and messages sent through the site are responded to with no real help. I haven't got time to mess about, I'm trying to run a business which is why I pay for extensions over free ones.

The component is buggy to put it mildly. It's definitely not fit for sale at that sort of price. I don't know how anyone can rate it highly when even something as simple as setting what can and can't be searched on doesn't work. I had to go into phpMyAdmin to turn things off.

It's a poor show and damages the credibility of the whole open source community when rubbish like this gets put out.

I'm ALWAYS happy to pay for components but not when they don't work as advertised.

byinsightcreative, April 15, 2010
This has to be one of the best puchases I've made since I started working with Joomla. We're working on a project at the moment and this has shortened our development time massively.

Everything I've done so far just goes seamlessly. Installation of the main component, additional plugins... everything has gone without a hitch.

I'm having to do a lot of tuning to get it looking how I want which is not a criticism but the MVC model makes it very easy to find the files you're looking for.

I really, really love this product. Anyone looking for a property component should use this without a doubt. You'll save the cost of this many times over just in development and deployment time.


byinsightcreative, March 24, 2010
I've been using Breezing Forms until now which I have to say is very good in certain circumstance but very slow and has some problems.

Chronoforms, however, is fantastic. The beauty is that you can use the wizard to knock up a quick form, copy and paste the generated code into Dreamweaver, make your changes and then just paste the code back into Chronoforms. So things like adding Javascript to clear default values, customising the html and everything is totally under your control.

I really love this component!
byinsightcreative, January 21, 2010
I needed a form extension that would support multiple pages so I decided to get this one. The cost is nothing when you see what you get. I'd have paid just for the ability to have forms split across pages but I'm creating this huge form at the moment and this makes it very easy. A bit of a learning curve but then I'd expect that with any new extension that was doing things like this. the client had asked for certain things like conditional boxes and I told them it couldn't be done. Now it can!

Very happy with this. It's a lovely 'toy' to play with the interfaces and it does the job perfectly. This is what paid extensions should be like - better than expected.
byinsightcreative, January 15, 2010
AutoTweet NG
Works like a dream and the support is excellent. I had a problem which was my own fault, posted into the forum late last night and got an answer this morning. I followed the advice and got this working in a couple of minutes.
byinsightcreative, October 14, 2009
I've just installed Joomla for the first time and wanted a more powerful editor. This is definitely the one. I would have given it excellent but for the fact that I had to do a bit of messing with file permissions and install the editor plugin from the manual instructions to get it to work. THIS MAY HAVE BEEN MY FAULT but it still only took me a few minutes to get it working.

To be honest, it took me longer to register to post this comment than to install JCE!

The only thing that I can't find (which may be there) is the ability to crop or resize an image which is present in the commercial version of TinyMCE through the image manager. But then you have to pay for this.

This is, without doubt, a fantastic addition.