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byinstance, April 24, 2013
Once you get it set up -- which is not very difficult -- Kunena just runs.

That might sound simple, but I've been through quite a few others that needed constant attention to keep running correctly. This is an excellent extension that lets you focus on the posts, not the software.
byinstance, January 13, 2013
I selected this plugin over some others not because it looked like it has a lot of extra features, but because the reviews indicated that the developer gave good support. This was a good choice.

I found an error in the J3.0 version, and sent a message about it. A fix was available in just a few hours.

My only suggestion is that the version should have been bumped to reflect the change, just so I can be sure I have the right one installed. I'll be using this as my default video plugin.

Excellent work, and thanks!
byinstance, June 29, 2010
Store Locator
Didn't work out of the box; there was a minor programming issue that was relatively easy to fix. Considering that Google provides most of the complex code used in this extension, it seems overvalued. What really gets me though is that Sysgen Media just spammed the PayPal account used to make the purchase. There's an unsubscribe link, but prepare to be added to their mailing list without explicitly subscribing.
Owner's reply

Each purchase of the Store Locator includes a 6 month support subscription so we would be happy to help you with any issues you may have.

We have helped anyone who has contacted us to get their Store Locator working on their site. Can you please let us know what the minor programming issue was so that we may improve our future releases?

You can find our support forums at . We are very helpful with any issues that have come up. We want to ensure all of our customers have a Great experience with our products and encourage you to contact us for any issues you may have.

We feel we are providing a valuable extension by building upon the code that Google has. The administration system was constructed by us to allow users to more easily manage their Locations from Joomla! in conjunction with Google Maps.

We subscribe our users to our mailing list as a courtesy to provide you with updates to our extension and other services. It is easy to unsubscribe if you don't want our updates.