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Reviews(1), February 20, 2009
WordPress Blog for Joomla!
I have a relatively new site I am working on, but am very experienced with Joomla. As many would agree it lacks core features when you need them. So we were considering having a separate Wordpress Blog, but was not looking forward to maintaining a "separate sites content".

You need to know some background.

Today is 2/20/2009, Nine days ago I purchased this subscription.

At that time I was ranked 112 and 256 for two of my core keywords. Today I am ranked #3 and #16 respectively on Google.

It is a known fact that Google loves Wordpress and Joomla. Putting them together ... Brilliant!

WARNING: What else you must know is to read the simple directions. The one issue I had with installation was from me 'assuming' and making a simple mistake. One call to support and done.

This is a straight forward installation and works out of the box. Do your self a favor and grab the additional modules and plugins. They will make your site stronger for SEO and functionality.

The support has been 5 out of 5 every time I have had a question. Since installation I have had the pleasure of customizing a new theme and Rafael was excellent at helping me understand what I needed to do.

They have released several new modules and converted many WP Plugins since I made my purchase and I have to say that everything I needed to run a blog within my site is there.

Make sure you get some SEO module running, I use sh404sef and they have the plugin to go with it. So we have nice META and Title information right form the Posts.

Bottom line. If you want a fast deployment, scalable blog .. buy this.