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byinternetdomain, July 28, 2008
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I just moved from CRE Loaded to Virtuemart due to its integration with Joomla CMS. I didn't migrate my CRE site to VM (too much efforts), instead I decided to use VM for my next ecommerce sites. It looks like CRE has reached its maturity point and not too much room for improvements, while VM is having a brighter future. I'm seeing, in the future, VM will have more features than any other ecommerce sites because it combines its own cart features plus Joomla extensions features. I can have a shopping cart complete with forum, FAQ and animated contents.

I can't go with other Joomla shopping cart solutions because not only they lack of community support but also some are too costly.

Hope version 1.1.2 can be released soon (with as few bugs as possible). Thank you.